Monday, April 24, 2017

IB Exams May 2017 -- Important Information

Hello Students and Parents,

This is an important message  about IB Exam procedures and expectations. Please read through this carefully as it explains exam procedures and attendance expectations.  

Exam Attendance
All exams except the IB Business Paper 1 will be held at St. Elizabeth Seton Church in the community building (back-left of the campus). For students, being on time means being early.  Students need to arrive 10 minutes prior to the start of their scheduled exams. If any student requires transportation between BHS and St. Elizabeth Seton, please reply to this email indicating so.  Students should bring with them to exams the following:
  • Themselves, well-fed and having had a good night's sleep
  • Their exam session number memorized (ex: 003321-0185) -- this is sometimes referred to as the "candidate number"
    • students received their session numbers via email from and via a hard copy in-person.
    • if you do not know your session number, please find Mr. Cannon in-person.
  • Several blue or black ink pens (no gel pens)
  • Several number 2 pencils with functioning erasers
  • A calculator for Math, Science, and Business exams
  • a ruler, protractor and compass for Math, Science, and Business exams
Here is a list of prohibited items:
  • Cell phone (all phones must be off and stored in students' bags outside the testing room)
  • Wearable technology (such as an Apple Watch)
  • Food or drink (a bottle of water stored on the floor is fine)
  • White out
  • Books, notes, notebooks, crib sheets, scratch paper, etc.
Calculators and Data Booklets
For Business, Science, and Math exams students will need calculators and data booklets. I will provide the data booklets and I will have a case of school-owned calculators and extra batteries to use for the exams if needed, but students should bring their own calculators (TI-84s). Students will need to clear their calculators' memories (RAM and programs) prior to entering the examination room. The exam proctors are authorized to verify that calculators have had their memories cleared at any time. If you are curious about IB's calculator rules, I attached that to this email.

A full list of what to bring for each exam, as well as what specific calculator functions are required for each exam, can be found here, and attached to this email

Exam Behavior Expectations
During the exams students are expected to comply with the following regulations:
  • For all exams except for multiple choice exams (science Paper 1s) students have 5 minutes of "reading time" during which they cannot do anything other than read.
  • Students must remain silent during the duration of the exam session.
  • Students are not permitted to have reading or other materials to "do" once they have finished their exams.
  • Students will not be allowed to leave during the exam session within the first hour or last 15 minutes of the session. Any temporary absence from the testing room will be supervised and noted.
  • If a student brings any unauthorized materials to their seat during the exam session, even if by accident, it will be considered academic misconduct and a report must be submitted.
  • Students may not publicly discuss or disclose the content of any exam for 24 hours after completing the exam, especially on social media.
How does this work with BHS Attendance?
The AP offices will be provided with lists of students scheduled to attend each exam. Students scheduled for exams are required to be at their scheduled exams.  When students are not scheduled to be at an IB Exam, they are required to be in school, attending class, until the IB Exams for the class have occurred, after which the expectations change. See below:
  • PRIOR TO the Exam:
    • Classes will be held as usual until the IB Exam for that class is scheduled; students are required to attend unless they are actively taking an IB Exam for a different class.  
    • Students with morning exams should go straight to the testing site, St. Elizabeth Seton Church.
    • Students with afternoon exams who are at school in the morning should leave after block 2.
    • Students should sign in (if arriving​​ late) and out (when leaving) because then the offices will know if you are in the building.
    • Parents may call the school to excuse their daughters/sons from school at any point when they are not in an IB Exam, including managed time.  For example, a parent may call out a student in the morning on a day in which the student has an afternoon exam.
    • After the IB Exam for that class, the teacher is required to hold one additional class, scheduled by the teacher for which students are required to attend. We call this the "Test Plus One" Policy.
  • AFTER the Exam (excluding the Plus One Class):
    • Students are no longer expected to be in school for blocks in which their IB Exams are complete with the exception of the Plus One class.
    • Please continue to sign in (if arriving late) and out (when leaving) so that the offices will know if you are in the building.
    • Students who no longer have classes blocks 1 and 2 are not required to attend Advisory on those days (including Thursdays and Fridays).
    • Students who have Managed Time blocks 2 or 3 and no classes blocks 1 or 4 have two options:
      • fill out the paperwork for early release/late arrival, or 
      • have their parents call them out in order to not be required to be in school.
      • Otherwise, students would be expected to be in school for managed time.
It is entirely possible for students with a heavy IB course to only be attending school for one or two classes (or no longer be attending school at all). Please keep this general rule in mind: if you are expected to be in school, be in school; if you are not expected to be in school, do not be in school. 

Intersession disciplinary implication  
Students who incur disciplinary actions on account of behavior on Intersession trips may lose IB Exam eligibility.  If a student is suspended from school on a day in which his or her exam is scheduled, the student will not be allowed to take the exam as scheduled and no makeup exam during this school year will be possible.  Here is what IB has said about this issue:
Inline image 1

If you have any additional questions, please email Mr. Cannon at

Have a restful vacation.  I will see you all soon.

- Mr. Cannon