Friday, October 28, 2016

IB Core Newsletter - October 29, 2016

Exam Registration Update:
I’m happy to report that over 160 BHS Juniors and Seniors have signed up for at least one IB Exam.  That’s the highest total in BHS history.  I am currently processing all of the exam fee payments, and I hope to have payment confirmation receipts back in students’ hands by November 1.  After that I will begin inputting registrants into the IB database.  That process should be complete by November 10.  If you missed the registration deadline you can still register with me in-person.  If you still have not paid for IB exams, please get that money in as soon as possible to avoid late-registration fees.

IA Season:
Now that the Nov. 1st ‘early action’ deadline for colleges and university applications has passed, students in ‘terminus’ IB classes will start the process of completing Internal Assessments.  Some have already begun, many start in December.  It is important that students do not get behind in their studies, as the workload is due to ramp up shortly.

EE Update (what you ‘nEEd’ to know):
The first complete draft of EEs are due Oct. 31, 2016.  EE Supervisors have been encouraged to offer frank feedback.  It is important that students recognize the value added to their Diploma scores, and that writing a quality EE is worth the time and effort.  Supervisors will take approximately two weeks to review the drafts.  Final final drafts will be due in early December.

CAS Corner:
Please remember that experiences for CAS need to be logged, and if students have not done so already, they need to arrange a time to meet with Ms. Woods in C114 regarding their proposal for their CAS Project. If students feel as though their CAS project is done, and they are not sure if the CAS Coordinator (Ms. Woods) is of the same understanding, students should arrange a time to meet in C114. is the CAS Coordinator Amy Woods’ email address for any additional questions or concerns.

If you weren’t able to make it to Junior Orientation, you can view the presentation here.  Extra copies of the handout can be picked up in the Library/IB Office.  The presentation and all of the handout documents can be found on the IB at BHS website.

CAS Corner (for Juniors):
Junior IB Diploma students can already begin thinking about their CAS Projects and logging CAS experiences.  Details on CAS experience parameters and expectations can be found on the CAS page on the IB at BHS website.  Students who want to get more information or who want to discuss a CAS Project proposal can arrange a time to meet with Ms. Woods in C114 by sending an email to

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