Friday, September 30, 2016

IB Core Newsletter - Sept. 30, 2016 - REGISTRATION

Exam Registration:
This applies to all Seniors but also for some Juniors.  IB Exam registration is open!  I've visited close to a dozen classes spreading the word about IB Exam registration and I think most students are pretty well-informed of the procedures and expectations.  All of the details about registration can be found on the Registration Letter.  The preliminary Exam Schedule has also been posted.

Some important details regarding registration are:
  • I is now open.  It will close on October 21, 2016 at 6pm.  
  • The direct link to the registration form is  
  • It is up to the students and their teachers to make sure students sign up for the right exam.It is also important that students know all of the exams they are registering for since they will be registering for all of their exams at the same time.
  • Registering for and taking exams incurs the following costs.  
    • Exam fees are $116 per exam.  
    • There is also a one-time $168 registration fee.  
      • Diploma Candidates who took at least one exam last year do not have to pay the registration fee.  I have a list of who these students are, and I will follow-up with them. 

If you are a Junior, and aren't sure if you should be signing up for exams, please speak with your classroom teachers.  The only instances in which you might be taking one or more exams is in Science and/or World Language.

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